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July 26 2018

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A wink and a stare
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A pretty anime scene. Reminds me of tenderness of heart.
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Anime bride floating among the clouds
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A look of surprise in those deep blue eyes.
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Stare into my deep red eyes

July 16 2018


The Top 5 apps to watch anime on smartphones and tablets

Anime shows and films are popular and watched around the world. They are specifically created for children and teens since their storyline is usually interesting, but just like cartoons, adults view them too. Plus they are not simply Japan’s and China’s preferred, the western world is in love with this movies and shows too, plus they are doing everything to access them.

If you’re among those crazy anime fans, you probably already know that there’re lots of these films online than on Television and that you can watch them directly on your Smartphone or tablet. In order to help you continue enjoying your preferred shows and movies, we decided to review the greatest apps to watch anime movies. Check out our list and we’re sure you will find something that works for you.

1. Anime Lib - View and Download Anime

This app gives you usage of tons of anime movies across multiple genres. You get access to over 500 anime titles plus new movies are added daily. It also comes in multiple languages and you could choose your preferred from the settings section. If you’re planing a trip to a place without internet, you can download episodes to be sure you don’t miss something from your favorite show.

For those who value a little flexibility, the app comes with different backgrounds to pick from. Keep refreshing your anime list to find the latest anime updates and changes to the app. The overall interface is also very easy to make use of and navigate, and you can simply search for your favorite movie by entering its name in the search box. The app was already downloaded by an incredible number of users.

2. Crunchyroll - Everything Anime

Crunchyroll has over 25,000 episodes and over 15,000 hours of the trending, latest anime series. You will get all the episodes you love in this app including Naruto Shippuden, One Piece, Dragon Ball Super, and Attack on Titan. They possess a free version and a 14-days trial on the premium edition. All the episodes included are all legal and free, and they are all well sorted by period. Apart from the content, the app has a fan and easy to used intricate design. Crunchyroll is an excellent app for any anyone who would like to keep in touch with updates from the term of anime.

3. Watch Anime

The name speaks for itself. The app has over 7000 different kinds of anime and over 200000 anime episodes. The interface is easy to make use of and the search console allows you to quickly find your preferred anime movies and shows. The app, nevertheless, doesn’t support subtitles and there is no list showing languages. The best part is certainly that the creators of the app are quite supportive and very accessible; you can contact them anytime if you want any of your preferred movies added. This might not be your initial choice if you prefer a wide selection of internal options and settings.

4. Anime Crave

Anime Crave app allows you to access watching high-quality movies and displays on the run. You also get a choice to watch anime trailers, add to your lists and rate anime. You will certainly find anything you’re looking for out of the over 2000 anime titles in HD quality. New movies and shows are added daily. The application also comes with some interesting functions including earning points by watching anime, anime requests (if you don’t discover what you’re looking for) and advanced anime search. You can go back to your background timeline and grab any film from where you left, create your personal anime library and sign up to the latest updates of your favorite anime shows.

5. Viewster

This is an extremely popular app which allows users to access thousands of anime shows. You just sign up free and you may search and start watching your preferred movies instantly. From the primary interface, you can go right to series and movies with a single click. One of the most popular displays in Viewster consist of Rogu Horaidzun, Samurai Warrior, Naruto, amongst others. The movie section is well organized into types, genres and years of creation to help ease your search and navigation. New episodes are added every day and you can subscribe to your favorite channel to receive notifications of the improvements. The look is quite simple and easy to use and but it includes pretty very much everything that you will possibly need.

July 07 2018

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A devilish bit of anime charm
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"There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart." - Jane Austen

I got inspired while spending a Saturday morning catching up on anime series on Chia-anime. I started wondering why there aren't more inspirational quotes on anime pictures. This is one of my favorite Jane Austen quotes so I am putting it here. I also like the picture.
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H you're a losah. Yes this is random.
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Cute anime girl but I don't know what to make of the fangs.
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girl in a garden with long black hair.
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anime girl in a field

May 12 2018

A collection of anime wallpapers
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It's got an anime girl. It's got planets. It's even got a blue butterfly! What else do you need when watching anime online?
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She's an anime girl. She's singing. She's a maid? Well, she's happy!
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Dreamy anime girl
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A kiss in the snow. Winter time memories.
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Marital bliss, anime style
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Watching over the dark city.
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